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Always On! 365 Days a Year
Digital Events

Always On! 365 Days a Year
Digital Events

Everything you need to know about AQMEN365

Events in the moment, explained

AQMEN365: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is AQMEN365?

AQMEN365 is a new brand of short fast paced, on trend events brought to you by the largest event organizer in the world.

Who are behind AQMEN365 events?

All AQMEN365 events are proudly produced by the Informa Connect division of Informa.

Why AQMEN365?

If you’re asking about the name, we’re riffing on the definition of acumen (“keen insight, shrewdness”) and mashing it up with the “any day of the year” nature of virtual.

If you’re asking why we decided now is the time to launch a brand that specializes in short, virtual-only events, there are a few reasons for this.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Informa Connect was forced to postpone or cancel many events and take a long, hard look at platforms to run virtual events. When it became clear the pandemic would be prolonged, we accelerated the plan to run digital events.

In 2020, Informa Connect ran more than 300 virtual events. Needless to say, we got good at delivering virtual events, but we also learned a lot about what Informa Connect customers needed. 

What did our research suggest?

Our research showed that there was a need for short yet insightful events that are engaging and deliver value.

The research also showed that people wanted more time to digest what speakers were saying from the stage. As we dug into that, it became clear that the audience really wanted to have the option of playing back sessions that they loved or didn’t fully understand or maybe even disagreed with. Virtual events make capturing those sessions much easier and cost effective.

The last thing the research confirmed, is that when someone says “no” to an event it might be because a date doesn’t work, or the event is too long, or maybe the travel costs are too high. The AQMEN365 approach to events eliminates all of those variables.

Always On! 365 Days a Year
Digital Events

Is Informa Connect getting out of the events business?

First, AQMEN365 events are events. They’re virtual only, and they’ll be much shorter than what you might be used to. They’ll also be surprisingly affordable. Second, no… Informa Connect will continue to create the industry-leading events they are famous for.


There’s a video that will do a much better job of answering that question, but we sought to incorporate into the platform as many of the familiar, “defining” elements of IRL (in-real-life) events as we could. There’s badge pickup, there’s networking, there’s an exhibit hall. Yes, a lot of platforms make the same claims, but we go back to the more than 300 events we ran in 2020. We know our way is better.

There are timely events, and then there are AQMEN365 events.

Short, progressive and insightful virtual events designed to engage and inspire business professionals.