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Always On! 365 Days a Year
Digital Forums Live and On-Demand

Always On! 365 Days a Year
Digital Forums Live and On-Demand

Transforming HR: Unlocking opportunity

Hear from industry thought leaders as they examine the outlook for HR over the coming months across inclusion, strategy, innovation, technology, people capabilities and more to enhance your organisation's business practices.

Every AQMEN365 event was created to elevate events by simply being better. Better Networking, Better Spontaneity, Better Learning, A Better Experience.

Upcoming Live Events

Picture this...Short virtual events, bringing together the brightest HR professionals in the field, leveraging their real-world experiences that will leave you with insights around the latest human resource management trends, the accelerating digitalisation of HR practices & actual change.

Total Rewards - Revamping Employee Perks and Benefits

The summit is a unified platform for HR experts who will share their knowledge and expertise on what’s currently been implemented for employee perks and benefits, what technologies are available in the market to optimise the process, what are the opportunities and challenges HR is facing, and what sort of employees rewards are offered.

5 July 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Future Ready Workplace

Join us as we deep dive into the issues faced by a hybrid work model, as well as the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of a digital workforce.

12 July 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Redefining Performance Management: Decluttering the Unnecessary and Time Consuming Steps

Explore and analyse the impact that newer models focusing on team-centric, goal-oriented processes will have on employee productivity and engagement as well as how to align philosophy with strategy, simplify processes, build a new culture and relax the curve.

26 July 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Driving Company Culture

Examine the challenges impeding effective communication, collaboration, and connection across organizations whilst emphasizing the role that operative messaging plays in adding value to the team.

18 August 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Employee Experience - New Ways to Engaging Employees and Creating Positive Change

The event will bring experts and leaders to showcase their expertise on what initiatives are they implementing as part of employee engagement and identify the effective collaborative tools that build engagement in a hybrid workplace between employees.

24 August 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Agile HR, Agile Learning

Deep dive into the topic of the benefits of ‘agile’ HR with a focus on measurable outputs and key metrics like improved collaboration and better adaptability.

24 September 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Building a Resilient Organisation with Higher Employee Engagement, Higher Productivity and Higher Revenue

Discover innovative ways how you can build a sustainable, high-performing organisation that will deliver higher productivity, increased sales, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

24 September 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

Talent Development/Learning & Development

The summit is designed to discuss the breakthrough technologies used for learning and development such as learning management systems. How learning looks like in a hybrid workforce and ways to engage learners to learn by not pushing or forcing them to learn, and will also address the gap of skills employees lack.

25 October 2022 | 2 hours | Free-to-attend 

On-demand Events

Sign up for our on-demand events to gain exclusive insights into key market trends and expected HR developments in the future, guaranteed to positively impact your business.

Employee Wellbeing & Assistance Forum

The 2-hour event will bring some companies to showcase case studies of successfully implemented wellness programs in their organisations.

2 hours 

Unlocking Diversity's Promise: Examining Opportunities

Explore strategies to build inclusiveness and psychological safety. Find out how can you ensure successful adoption of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Organisational Leadership Development for Future Success

Access latest trends in HR leadership and insight into a roadmap to develop organizational leaders, tools that would fuel employees to be leaders, and urgency for digital transformation.

Transforming Talent Acquisition

Intelligent employers are focusing on building resilience and scalability by optimizing the use of technology and digital workers and thereby ensuring a strong talent experience. 

The D&I Forum for Future Workplaces

Understand the tangible benefits of a diversity and inclusion strategy on your bottom line and how to leverage cultural differences into a pillar of success. Incorporate gender balance, allyship, and disability inclusion to empower individuals.

Digital Workplace - The Office of the Future

Gain exclusive insights into the world’s best digital workplaces that are resilient to constantly changing business conditions. Dive into practical discussions and case studies to enhance your organisation's employee experience.

HR Technology Trends for Future Workplaces

Artificial intelligence to define people capabilities, digital tools that support employee mental health and automation to increase productivity. Explore next-generation applications of technology to build hyper-organised workplaces.

How HR should support mental health in the workplace


Employee mental health and well-being have been focused on for the last few years but really came under the spotlight during the pandemic. Organisations looked at entirely new ways of working, as many of the old rules and role structures were thrown out the window. Suddenly, multiple family members were all stuck at home, trying to navigate their daily lives online. As a result, the pattern of working with colleagues and clients changed quite significantly.

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Always On! 365 Days a Year
Digital Forums Live and On-Demand


Explore the badges that you can earn by simply attending an AQMEN365 event

Explore All The Badges You Can Earn in Human Resource Events

Organisational Leadership Development for Future Success - Attendee Badge

Eligibility Criteria: Attend the event live

The earner of this badge will have developed understanding on the latest trends in HR leadership, roadmap to develop organizational leaders, tools that would fuel employees to be leaders, and urgency for digital transformation

Smart HR - Attendee Badge

Eligibility Criteria: Attend the event live

The earner of this badge will learn about the latest HR technologies that will drive change in their organisations.

Transforming Talent Aquisition - Attendee Badge

Eligibility Criteria: Attend the event live

The earner of this badge will have acquired insights into the key trends set to impact talent acquisition in 2022 as well as talent acquisition best practices and how to use data and analytics to influence hiring.

Unlocking Diversity's Promise: Examining Opportunities - Attendee Badge

Eligibility Criteria: Attend the event live

The earner of this badge will understand that psychological safety at work has benefits beyond making employees feel safe and comfortable – impacting employee productivity, enables employees to be more open to learning and development, showcases resilience, persistence, and higher levels of engagement – thereby improving their performance and bottom line


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