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Implementing Hybrid Project Management in a Blended Workforce


Implementing Hybrid Project Management in a Blended Workforce

The incorporation of hybrid project management to effectively manage the blended workforce


As digitization is growing, a blended workforce is emerging that requires different project management methodologies depending on the project requirements and work culture. Hybrid project management incorporates the best of both real worlds.

For an organization where 'Waterfall' is an adopted methodology, it makes the instant transition towards 'Agile' culture difficult; therefore, it's best to adopt both methodologies like the Waterfall and Agile to transition towards Agile culture smoothly. In a hybrid approach, the planning is done using Waterfall methodology while the development is done in short sprints so that it can be shipped as soon as it reaches Minimum Viable Product. With hybrid project management, members of the team should utilize digital tools for effective communication and use the cloud for joint collaboration on tasks resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

This digital event discusses the nature of hybrid project management for a blended workforce, the immediate challenges that need attention when transitioning between methodologies and how organisations can implement effective working practices for the entire life-cycle of the projects.

We reveal the secrets behind stellar project management!

Join our experts for a masterclass in executing projects that deliver excellent results and help transition your organisation's process flows. Key discussion topics include:

The need for hybrid project management and its impact

Decision Matrix for hybrid project management

Approaches to incorporate hybrid project methodologies for the blended workforce

Benefits and challenges of applying hybrid project management for a blended workforce

Cultural changes required for managing blended workforce

Top traits and skills for hybrid project manager

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